Into the Slipstream Podcast December 28, 2021

Episode 60 - Compliance with a Smile

Co-Founder and Director, Julia Vojkovic, was recently a guest of Scott Charlton's Into the Slipstream Podcast. Julia and Scott chatted about various aspects of financial services from a compliance perspective. Amongst a range of interesting topics, they discussed the responsibilities of AFSL’s in navigating the current legislative landscape and how Compliance Co. assists by providing an outsourced compliance solution. Julia also shares some interesting aspects about providing such services during COVID-19.

Amongst a range of other topics discussed, we also examined the age-old question of “Should I just take out my own licence?”, with Julia sharing some practical tips and points to consider.

In the interview Julia also discussed 3Lines, the cloud based software developed by the team at Compliance Co. providing an automated solution for SME sized AFSLs in efficiently managing compliance obligations.

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