Streamline your approach to compliance

3Lines has all the functionality you need to take control of your AFSL, so you can get back to the business of doing business.

Software Features

Software Features

ComplianceRepresentative Client File Reviews

Utilise 3Lines’ custom audit question set or BYO to upload! Provide feedback, assign tasks and ensure compliance with record keeping requirements.

ComplianceWhole Firm Access

Tiered access levels for licensee, compliance staff and representatives.

ComplianceChat with an Expert

When in doubt, speak to an expert!

ComplianceCompliance Committee Meetings

Facilitate quarterly CCMs and manage actions accordingly. Formally review, attest to and record compliance with your General Obligations. Stay up to date with regulatory changes.

ComplianceRegulatory Updates

You don’t know what you don’t know. Stay on top of regulatory change and updates.


Identify compliance risks prior to providing advice and allow the adviser to receive feedback in a timely and concise format.

ComplianceCompliance Registers

View, manage and track key data as it relates to your General Obligations as a Licensee.

CompliancePolicy Hosting

Upload, manage and archive policies and procedures. Alert Representatives to changes in ever changing regulations.

Compliances708 Management

Managing wholesale clients? Avoid disappointment by ensuring your s708 Register is up to date.

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